Dream & Connect

Our purpose is to create soulful destinations and share them with the world. 

Places where you are invited to feel at home, where you connect with your tribe and enjoy wonderful moments.

We love to create our own textiles, objects & interior architecture. We design and build places with peace in mind, harmony, comfort and simplicity. 

Our intention is to provide you with welcoming hospitality and personal service to improve your stay and wellness for a healthy and fulfilling life. 

We desire to connect with our guests, clients, partners, team, family, self and nature.
We believe in creating the thriving edville community.

Flow & Grow

We need to have a good flow to have a good grow!
It’s important for us that the energy feels right, that there is harmony, comfort and simplicity. 

There has to be respect for each other, trust in each other, positive mindset and gratitude.

Dare to dream big! We believe in our dreams.
While traveling we find so much inspiration, that we transfer to our places. 

Every day we learn and change in order to grow. 

Our ambition is creating self-sustainable locations with our great team.
This sustainable base allows us to nurture our trees into a forest and create the edville estate foundation. 

We are purposefully focused on building our dreams and connecting to the wonderful things and people around us.


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set-up examples

set-up examples

set-up examples

set-up examples