We are a team of loving, happy, wild and playfull people who love to create beautiful things. Design, interior, travel and discovering the world is in our DNA. We like hosting and connecting with like-minded people with positive energy. We enjoy creating wonderful experiences and memories and love delicious, healthy and local food & drinks. We care for one another and their wellness as well as for our planet and environment.

Edville is a playground for companies, families and friends who love to share memorable experiences.




As a young and ambitious company with great potential, Edville wants to expand at its current locations and add accommodations in Belgium and other places around the world. We continue exploring new opportunities and start new projects. Each of our accommodations has its personal identity, with a specific design and character. This makes every loaction unique, while retaining that Edville-feel. Edville is innovative as well, and continuously trying to develop new concepts. We utilize automation to make our daily lives easier and to expand our service to our guests. It is our vision to distinguish ourselves from the competition and to do our own thing.


Our goal is to create wonderful experiences for our guests when they stay at Edville. By providing a wide variety of activities, classes and facilities we can take our guests’ experience to the next level. Also, we provide our guests with the comfort they deserve through the quality of our accommodations and facilities as well as through our high-quality service. We aspire to leave a lasting impression, to give an experience our guests can treasure and talk about with friends, family and co-workers.


Edville strives for a sustainable company policy and to be conscious about this in all aspects of the organisation. Our accommodations are equipped with quality furniture and accessories, developed with durable materials considering a longer life span. Also, the company works on connecting with their stakeholders and creating sustainable relationships. Building these partnerships and strong connections is of great value to us. We care for our planet and actively try to make a difference by acting as ecological as possible. Reducing waste, recycling, upcycling, re-using and re-purposing are tools we use to help make our world a better place. For us, sustainable business is an investment for the future, not only for ourselves but also for our guests and the environment.


Edville is creative, creative in the development of buildings, objects and services, the design of its accommodations, and in the way of doing things inside the organisation. We like to create new projects by giving objects a new function, by combining them and by re-using materials. By putting love and creativity into our designs we give our creations and interiors the signature Edville look-and-feel. We find new purposes for objects and buildings, creating dynamic and fascinating real estate projects. Also, we step away from the traditional ways of doing business. Instead we establish a flexible and creative organisation and create an enjoyable environment to exist, work and thrive in.


Edville is a community where friends, co-workers and families can meet with and learn from each other, online & offline. Connecting enthousiastic, like-minded people creates a network which provides a lot of possibilities. This creates a platform to spread awareness about social matters and brings people together. We organize training and network events where people can learning about interesting topics and get inspired by one another as well as by quality speakers, trainers and coaches. We’re a destination for ideas, collaboration and support to land on. A place where everyone can feel at home and share the same important values.


We value people’s fysical and mental health and actively work on improving it. We focus on offering healthy catering with delicous and local food and drinks. Providing our guests and stakeholders with the proper nutrition while being conscious about the products we consume and where they come from is important to us. We enable restorative activities such as yoga and sauna sessions and look for opportunities to expand these options. Fueling the body and the mind in the right way is key to feeling and performing better every day. Our events and trainings all share a similar approach, focussing on adding value to the participants’ personal and work life. Also our interiors are designed to generate a sense of comfort, calmness and inspiration. We strongly believe in the benefits of contributory facilities and service to support people’s fysical and mental needs. We establish a healthy environment through our own efforts and by joining forces with strong partners who share that same focus.


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