Edville Home is the ideal place for your private events such as weddings, receptions, baby and bridal showers, birthday parties, and other occasions. 
Host your event in this inspirational and tranquil environment and enjoy the endless possibilities of this location.
Our dedicated and enthusiastic team will help with the organization and decoration of your event and will provide healthy, delicious, local food and drinks.


Edville Home is the ideal venue to experience the most wonderful day of your life. We make your wedding day an experience to never forget. Enjoy the start of the rest of your lives together in an inspirational and romantic setting.

Experience the wedding of your dreams!

Our dedicated and enthusiastic team helps you organize and decorate your event.


Contact us for a tailored offer!



Combine celebrating and your overnight stay at the same location. Edville Home can host up to 30 people to provide ultimate comfort.

The villa invites you to feel at home from the moment you walk in. What better way to start your special day?

Garden & Wellness


Our garden creates a green oasis where you can celebrate in a fairytale environment. We provide tent set-ups for your wedding ceremony, dinner, and party.

Enjoy the outdoors and celebrate with your loved ones under the sun and night sky.

The garden features a wellness area with a natural swimming pool, warm water relax bath for 12 persons, a sauna, and a fire pit.



Enjoy our healthy and delicious catering during your wedding event! 

We complete your experience by offering a quality catering service and adding the icing on the cake to your stay at Edville Home.