Edville works with ceveral renowned caterers which provide delicious, healthy and local food.
We strive to keep our ecological footprint as low as possible.
That’s why all our dishes are seasonal and prepared with high quality ingredients. 

We provide catering services for your event:
breakfast, healthy lunch or sandwich lunch with soup and salad, foodsharing concept or BBQ, cake & tea party, and at the end of the day a reception with drinks and appetizers.
Just let us know what you wish and we’ll make it happen.

À la carte

  • Fruits and cookies €6,- pp

    Seasonal fruits and assortment of cookies through the day


We don’t serve alcoholic beverages, but be free to bring your own.
  • Coffee, tea, water €6,- pp

    Fresh coffee, tea, mineral, sparkling & infused water through the day


  • Check-in breakfast €10,- pp

    Pastries, coffee & tea. Only available on the day of arrival

  • Deluxe breakfast * €23,- pp

    Variety of bread, buns, pastries, savory spreads, jam, chocolate, butter, yoghurt & granola, eggs, assortment of fruits, juice, coffee & tea


  • Sandwich lunch €16,- pp

    Assortment of subs with meat, cheese, salmon, tuna and other luxurious toppings

  • + soup €4,- pp
  • + salad €6,- pp
  • Lunch Box €23,- pp

    Healthy lunch with vegetables and meat/fish or veggie.


  • Cake & tea party €17,- pp

    Party with wide variety of delicious cakes & tarts, herbal teas, coffee & infused water


  • Apero Box €15,- pp


  • Foodsharing dinner ** €45,- pp

    A heart-warming main course with different side dishes that vary in taste, texture and temperature. All dishes must be shared at the table served per 4-6 persons. Foodsharing creates a warm homely atmoshere. Full service is required.

  • + extra intermediate dish €10,- pp
  • + dessert €15,- pp
  • BBQ €45-65,- pp
  • + fixed price chef + service €300,-
  • BBQ teambuilding €30,- pp
  • + groceries, preparations, cooking & service €425,-
  • The chef does the groceries at the local farms and shops. She provides seasonal and fresh bio veggies and fruits.
  • She puts together a custom menu, according to your preferences.
  • The preparations: chopping, peeling, mixing, etc, will be done together with your group. 
  • The chef will divide you in smaller groups and give each one a small task.
  • The chef you will do the cooking and the grilling, while everybody can enjoy an aperitif.
  • The food will be served at the dinner table.
  • After the meal, everybody can help out with cleaning, while having a drink.

The tasks can change depending on the size of the group.

Choose one of the drinks concepts.

The price includes 8 working hours of the chef.

If the chef has worked more hours due to special requirements or too large of a group or too little help from guests, the additional hours will be invoiced at 40€ per hour excluding VAT.


  • Waiter €35,- per hour

    Waiter service available upon request. Required for full service.

  • Chef €40,- per hour

    Chef service available upon request

* Limited service
Edville Home only takes care of the table cover and preparation of the buffet.

There is no service at the table. Guests are responsible for cleaning up after dinner.
For the limited service, we try to keep the extra service costs as low as possible.

There is a fixed price of €90,- 

** Full service
Edville Home can take care of the table service and complete cleaning of the dining table and kitchen.

Depending on the number of guests and the complexity of the menu, Edville Home can make adjustments to the service.
The additional price for the full-service waiter is €35,- per hour.

Prices are incl. VAT. for food and beverages. 
Prices are excl. 21% VAT. for staff.

The final number of guests should be confirmed at least 7 days prior the event.

Our menu will vary depending on the season and the availability of fresh produce. The exact menu will be communicated after the booking.

We reserve the right to make changes at any given time.